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Press Releases and Public Announcements / Ham radio lessons
« Last post by cgroves on January 11, 2019, 03:47:48 PM »
My apologies I forgot to post this earlier but there is a ham radio class tomorrow starting at 9am for those interested.

Amateur Radio License Class


Date: Saturday January 12, 2019 9:00am – 1:00pm (Just one week away!)


Place: Rocky Mountain College Library Building, 1511 Poly Drive Billings, MT 59102
(Enter from17th Street, drive east on Permit Park till it dead-ends in parking lot, Enter building directly adjacent to parking lot, with Trojan Horse Sculpture at doorway.)


This is the highly-successful class that will lead you to your first Amateur Radio license.


Costs: The license class is FREE.

The FCC Exam fee is $15.


Here’s the process:

Attend the license class at the RMC Library on the date and time above
Study at home the next week (we recommend one hour/day)
Take the FCC Exam here in Billings on Saturday, January 19, 2019, 10:00 am at Rocky Mountain College (same location of class on January 12!)
Attend “New Ham Night” on Wednesday, Wednesday January 30, 2019, 6:00-9:00 pm at the United Way of Yellowstone County at 2173 Overland Avenue in Billings and enjoy your Ham Radio License the rest of your life!

Added Bonus: when you obtain your Ham Radio License, the Yellowstone Radio Club grants you free membership for one year in the local club! (a $25 Value!)


What can you do with your Ham Radio License?


Operate a base station, mobile radio, or handheld radio
Communicate with other ham radio operators around the world
Communicate through satellites, including talking directly with the astronauts on the International Space Station
Conduct computer-to-computer Live Chat conversations with other hams – with no wires, no cellphones, no WiFi, and no internet between you
Provide Health and Safety radio communications for local community events like Peaks-to-Prairie, Montana Marathon, and several others
Provide emergency radio communications in times of disaster to help your family and neighbors

Plus, if you are currently a student:

Volunteer Activities look very good on college applications (required for many schools and scholarships)
Obtaining an FCC Ham Radio License looks really good on a job application
The activities and technology of Ham Radio can lead to a career in electronics or communications

Questions, please contact Charlie Hanson/N7ERG at (406) 696-2039, or email him at

YRC Club Website:
For this weekends ride to Cody WY we will be riding McCullough Peak on Saturday and Red Lake on Sunday.
Both days we will meet at the Irma for breakfast at approximately 8AM and leave there between 9 and 930. The Irma is located at 1192 Sheridan Ave, Cody, WY 82414 and they have a great breakfast buffet for those interested.
I (Chet) will be your ride leader unless someone else with more experience in these areas volunteers.
Press Releases and Public Announcements / Re: Basin Labor Day Ride Photo Scavenger Hunt
« Last post by cgroves on September 18, 2018, 06:20:23 PM »
I am sorry I did not see your message until just now :( I was already on the road by this point please forgive me.
Chet,   who is the leader for the Basin ride? will there be evening rides? what time is the start of Saturday morning ride?   how long will  the ride be?  how many will be attending?

Steve & Gloria
Press Releases and Public Announcements / Basin Labor Day Ride Photo Scavenger Hunt
« Last post by cgroves on August 28, 2018, 01:03:51 PM »
For this weekends ride we will be having a photo scavenger hunt with prizes from Honda, Hanson Motorsports and B & B Tire. The rules will be announced at the ride starting Saturday morning and there is no cost to club members. We will also have a prize for the best potluck dish on Saturday night of $25 in lottery scratch tickets. I hope we will see you all of you there this weekend for some great fun and fellowship.

** OFFICIAL ** Current Club-Sanctioned Rides / Cooke City ride this weekend
« Last post by wnies on August 03, 2018, 07:08:22 AM »
We are still planning to ride this weekend Aug. 4th and 5th. I'm guiding ride on Sat. Meet at Chamber of Commerce on main street in Cooke City at 9 am on Aug. 4th. Any questions, text me at 406-652-1104 "Woody"
I am afraid that circumstances kept me from this ride and I have not heard from anyone as yet on how it was but hopefully at the next meeting we will hear a report on the ride.
Just curious as to the Wicked Creek trail.   How was the trail?  Good ride?  Difficult or easy?  We're planning to ride it on Aug 17.
We are taking a poll to determine who is riding this weekend at Wicked Creek and Big Timber and would appreciate your input. If you are riding this weekend  please let us know by responding to this message or send a reply to
McCullough Peaks
A day ride that is a short distance from Cody, Wy and is a new ride area for the club. This will be a first time ride for most and is listed as having roughly 150 miles of trails. We are combining this with a return ride to Red Lake the next day on Sunday for those who want to make it an overnight ride. There are several campgrounds and motels in the area with affordable rates.

Red Lake
This can be a single day ride or be combined with the previous day at McCullough peaks. This is a scrub brush plains area with a lot of little play areas. There is lots of local camping areas or hotels for those staying the weekend.
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