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McCarty Road Closure
« on: February 06, 2016, 08:47:37 PM »
Quote from: Bruce R.

The McCarty Trail is trail going into the Elkhorns straight east of Boulder, MT. Many of us have been on the trail. We should get this out to the TSATV members.

Citizens for Balanced Use


McCarty Road Closure

Dear Bruce,

CBU worked for over 2 years getting McCarty Road relocated and opened to the public. We spent thousands of dollars and countless hours of volunteer time clearing the new road and building new fence.

 A couple individuals who opposed our work to reopen McCarty Road are again meeting with the Jefferson County Commissioners in an effort to close the road. We can NOT let this happen.

Please take a minute to contact the Jefferson County Commissioners and let them know how important this road is to family recreation. 

Commissioner Cory Kirsch:

Commissioner Leonard Wortman:

Commissioner Bob Mullen:

or call the commissioner office at: 406-225-4025

CBU has received numerous calls thanking us for our efforts. This road has been an economic benefit to the town of Boulder and should not be closed because a couple individuals want their own private playground. Please contact the Jefferson Commission today! 

Contact Information
phone: 1-406-600-4CBU
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